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Edward Rhomberg, MD Orthopedic Doctor and Surgeon

Dr. Rhomberg received his medical training from the Medical College of Virginia after completing both a Bachelors and Masters of Mechanical Engineering.  He served as a lieutenant in the United States Navy as a flight surgeon and completed his residency at Balboa Naval Center in San Diego, California.  Dr. Rhomberg has been performing orthopedic surgery for over 16 years both in Washington State as well as in the River Valley.  He was the first orthopedic surgeon in Arkansas to be certified in MAKOplasty.   In his spare time Dr. Rhomberg enjoys the great outdoors while hiking, camping, road biking and gardening.  He has read extensively on such topics as world history, car mechanics and foreign countries.  Frequently you will find Dr. Rhomberg tutoring his three daughters, who are in college and medical school, on subjects such as medicine, physics, calculus, and chemistry.  He has already begun teaching his fourteen year old son the basics of engineering and mechanics!  Dr. Rhomberg and his wife are very excited about meeting and getting to know all of their patients and helping them with their orthopedic conditions.  

Our Clinic Services

Shoulders and Elbows



  • Treatment of Impingement
  • Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tendon Repair
  • Shoulder Arthoscopy
  • Treatment of Clavicle, Humerus, and Scapula Fractures
  • Total Shoulder Replacement
  • Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
  • Treatment of Radius and Ulna Fractures
  • Treatment of Tennis and Golfer's Elbow
  • Treatment of Bicep Tendon Rupture

Hands and Wrists


  • Treatment of Fractures
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Trigger Finger Release
  • Tendon Repair
  • Removal of Tissue Masses
  • Treatment of Carpal Disorders
  • Treatment of Contracture and Deformity




  • Treatment of Fractures of Femur, Patella, and Tibia  
  • ACL Reconstruction and Other Instability
  • Patella Instability and Maltracking
  • Knee Arthroscopy 
  • Treatment of Meniscus Tears and Loose Bodies
  • Partial and Total Knee Replacement
  • Deformity Correction

Foot and Ankle


  • Achilles Tendon Repair
  • Treatment of Ankle anf Foot Fractures
  • Treatment of Nerve Disorders
  • Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis
  • Treatment of Arthritis
  • Ankle Arthroscopy



  • Treatment of Fractures
  • Treatment of Arthritis 
  • Partial/Total Hip Arthroplasty
  • Treatment of Snapping Hip



  • Cortisone Injections
  • Above and Below Knee Amputations
  • Partial Toe, Foot, Finger Amputations
  • Sports Medicine

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Hospital Affiliations



Baptist Health-Van Buren Hospital

211 Crawford Memorial Drive

Van Buren, Arkansas  72956

Dr. Rhomberg has operated at this hospital for over 13 years with many of the same operating-room staff.  He is a member of the Baptist-Van Buren Hospital Board of Trustees as well as the Medical Executive/Credentialing Committee.  He is also acting as Chief of Surgery.

Our clinic is located directly across from the hospital.

 Parking for both the hospital as well as our clinic is nearby and handicap accessible.



 Most healthcare plans accepted. We welcome new patients as well as established patients.  Self-referring patients also accepted.  Please call us today for an appointment!

(479) 262-2504 


All Ages


Dr. Rhomberg welcomes patients of all ages.  As an orthopedic doctor he treats both adults and children for a variety of orthopedic conditions and injuries from knee and hip replacements to fractures.  Call us today at (479)262-2504.  


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